The Big Bang!

posted Feb 1, 2011, 12:11 PM by Spencer Hellman
Tulsa, Indian Territory Friday January 29, 1904 ''On the previous Saturday the city was shaken to the very core by a most terrific explosion, which proved to be the entire stock of nitroglycerine belonging to the Western Torpedo Company of Chenute, Kansas''. A substitute driver was unloading to a shed in what is now the Owen Park pond, when the explosion occurred. Workers at the brick plant (where Roosevelt School is now) were severely stunned. Trees were blown down and the two horses were knocked off their feet. One later died and the other was deaf. The wagon was badly damaged but later was found to contain empty containers. Doctor Kennedy's house had severe plaster damage and all the windows were broken. Downtown businesses also sustained broken windows and minor damages. The blast was said to be heard in Claremore The pit was later enlarged and dammed so that the Dirty Butter Creek could fill it. It became Tulsa's first swimming hole and proved to be very popular.
submitted by Roxanne Snider, Historian